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This human earth is a school for perfection. Divine perfection is already within us, but in a latent form. We are meant to gradually unfold this divine perfection within us and consciously make this divine perfection manifest in our life and reflect in our day to day activities. Each day we must learn something new and carry this process onward, so that ultimately we become perfect human beings, both ethically and practically. However this striving for perfection can be carried out successfully only if the will to do so has been developed through proper guidance and an atmosphere conducive to encourage one to do so from a young age itself.

Oxford being dynamic, forward looking community of lifelong learners, provides its students with a rigorous and innovative educational programme to train them to embrace diversity of people, cultures and ideas. Students are encouraged to pursue their passions and lead lives of purpose and excellence. At the heart of everything we do, lending enrichment to every facet of life at Oxford Senior Secondary School, lies our core commitment to the unique mission of building a culture of reaching out, sharing, growing and exploring beyond the traditional disciplines. Experience of participating in meaningful productive work is both satisfying and empowering, so the students are nurtured to emerge as independent, confident, virtuous youngsters who ‘eye the sky’. So, my dear students, continue to grow and learn through the philosophy of progressive education, cultivating awareness to ‘global issues’ like— cultural diversity, social justice, sustainable development, globalization, interdependence and a peaceful harmonious co-existence. Continue to work towards manifesting Divine Perfection!